Lowongan Videographer & Editor (Internship) di Digital Kreasi Cakrawala Jakarta

lowongan Videographer & Editor (Internship) 3Motion3Motion is growing its content production team to scale the scope of its video productions. As an intern member of 3Motion, you will be a key piece to our talented and efficient team of producers, videographers, and editors. As Videographer & Editor (Internship), your role will be to work closely with the Creative & Production Team to capture and edit 3Motion video content. You will work on both branded and original content, ranging from social media videos to longer-form content. This is a unique opportunity to join one of the most talented teams in content production and play a key role in 3Motion growth over the coming years.


  • An understanding of advanced camera settings and an ability to capture high-quality shots in a range of environments
  • Ability to ideate and craft shots with limited direction; a sense for the story
  • Ability to multitask is a necessity; capable of shooting for one project and immediately jumping into editing another
  • Ability to work as an individual and as part of a team
  • Ability to recall and communicate your collected footage to another team member
  • An understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud software (Premiere)
  • Experience sourcing and integrating music and soundtracks
  • Experience sourcing and integrating archival video footage
  • Knowledge and understanding of codecs, export practices, and file types
  • Experience employing color correction best practices
  • Ability to employ proper file management procedures
  • Strong communication skills for interacting with both internal and external partner
  • Willing to work for 4 months


  • Work closely with the Creative & Production Team to execute their creative direction, briefs, and feedback
  • Capture high-quality video footage in studio and on location
  • Create and build quality shooting environments on-the-fly and with limited resources
  • Log all footage from production shoots
  • Source and integrate music from online libraries
  • Communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders throughout the post-production process, especially regarding deadlines and progress
  • Assist in elements of content production



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