Lowongan Lead Software Engineer Support di Monroe Consulting Group Jakarta

Lowongan Lead Software Engineer Support di Monroe Consulting Group Jakarta

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia is recruiting on behalf of a growing financial technology company in Indonesia that has registered in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Indonesia (OJK) and has secured series A funding. The job is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Lead Software Engineer (FinTech) will be responsible for solving technical issues in production, responding promptly to user issues, and gathering info, prioritizing and deciding on resolutions appropriately. They will also mentor the team to be more effective in their roles.

Job responsibilities:

  • Constantly triage issues from various monitoring tools
  • Investigate and fix bugs according to severity and urgency
  • Work with the rest of the development team for more complex resolutions
  • Analyze the effectiveness of engineering support processes, figuring out and executing improvements and optimizations
  • Analyze and systematically approach bugs reported, always coming up with practical short term and long term solutions that minimize complexity and maximize value
  • Independently dive into existing codebases, subsystems, and tools
  • Include security, maintainability, reusability, and testability when making code changes and code reviewing
  • Factor Linux/Unix OS system internals, data storage and computing resources in the produced software codechange
  • Dig deep into nasty bugs and resolve them as they come in, but also identify defect trends and areas for the development teams to potentially refactor
  • Apply and tailor software development concepts and best practices
  • Work closely with other JULO operations, agents, engineers, and product managers

Job requirements:

  • Practical problem solver, highly analytical, great team player, with an excellent work ethic
  • Can communicate clearly, timely, and professionally with both technical and non-technical users, both in Indonesian and English
  • Expertise in multi-tasking, both in executing and managing thoroughly in Jira
  • Highly skilled in troubleshooting, developing and testing with various backend programming languages, especially Python and Javascript
  • Proficient in using Linux-based OS, especially Ubuntu
  • Adept in using message brokers like RabbitMQ, monitoring tools like Sentry, Grafana, Crashlytics, APM tools like Datadog, and provisioning tools like Ansible and Kubernetes
  • Highly skilled in investigating complex real world database in SQL
  • Experienced in all kinds of development tools that bring source code in a text file to running code in production
  • 2-7 years of working-in-the-industry experience as a full stack engineer in diverse environments and teams
  • Experience in customer service is helpful
  • Experience in sustaining/supporting teams in successful start up companies is a big plus
  • Experience managing bug lifecycles in complex systems
  • Engineering/Computing/IT degree



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