Lowongan Alibaba Cloud Intelligence CDN/Video Cloud Product Solutions Architect Indonesia

lowongan Alibaba Cloud Intelligence CDN/Video Cloud Product Solutions Architect Indonesia

Location : Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta,Indonesia
Category : Operation-Product Operation
Work experience requirement : 5+ Years
Educational Requirement : Bachelor

Job Description

Team Introduction

The Alibaba Cloud CDN team is in charge of building and operating the edge infrastructure for the entire Alibaba Group. It supported many high-profile and large volume online events such as the biggest e-commerce event in the world – Singles’ Day. Alibaba Cloud has over 2,800 nodes worldwide with a total bandwidth capacity close to 130Tbps. Harnessing the distributed edge network with unparalleled scale, the CDN team build and sell multiple products such as website acceleration, software downloads, on-demand/live streaming, dynamic content acceleration, and secured acceleration. It is committed to improving the online experience of users through technology innovation and advancement.

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the design of solutions for customers around Alibaba Video Cloud platform, such as CDN, PCDN, secured acceleration (SCDN), dynamic acceleration (DCDN), media processing (MPS), audio and video communication (RTC) and others.

2. Manage key projects in the Video Cloud business. Ensure the technical feasibility of major projects, Manage project schedule and implementation, and produce reusable solutions and write customer case studies.

3. Responsible for managing large Video Cloud clients, collecting and understanding user feedback, working with Engineering to improve product design and service quality.

4. Closely follow technical trends in related fields, and promote the application of new technology to product development and maintain the technical lead position of Video Cloud Platform.

5. Participate in the formulation of internal working process to improve the team’s collaboration capabilities.

Job requirements:

1. Have more than 5 years of experience in IT industry, including software development, project implementation and industry solution design. Familiar with common software and related architecture.

2. Familiar with the working mechanism of distributed system, caching, database, message communication, searching, data analysis etc. Show good understanding of the common system architecture which offers high concurrency and availability that can easily scale to 100 million users.

3. Proficient with at least one programming language or scripting language such as C/C ++, Java, Golang, Python, Perl, and Shell.

4. Possess good communication skills. Perform strong and fast execution. Demonstrate teamwork spirit and professionalism.

5. Possess excellent writing skills. Can articulate the goal and main idea behind architecture design. Proficient in writing technical documents.

6. Past contribution to open source communities such as Linux kernel, Nginx, Docker, ffmpeg etc. is preferred.

7. Experience with the design of customer solutions in media processing, audio and video communication, network security, CDN and other related area is strongly preferred.



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